European Bond Yields And The ECB

Eric Reguly, European Business Correspondent for the Globe and Mail, recently tweeted the following: Something terribly wrong here? Spanish 10yr bond yields at 3%, UK’s at 2.6%. Former is economic mess; latter is fastest growing EU economy. It does seem … Continue reading

Will The ECB Do Quantitative Easing?

Although ECB chief, Mario Draghi, was somewhat dismissive of the IMF’s suggestion that more needed to be done to foster growth in the Eurozone, he did allow that there was “an ample and rich discussion” about not only QE, but other unconventional … Continue reading

Is The Ukraine Likely To Be A Unifying Event For Europe?

Indicators of activity including heavy vehicles sales and a series of older confidence surveys in Europe, were all up. A recent Ifo survey, however, showed a drop in German business sentiment in the face of possible gas supply disruptions from … Continue reading