The Fracturing Of Globalisation

Events in the Middle East have already thrown Russia and China together against the West. The Syrian civil war and Western agonising over whether (and if so how) to intervene have pushed them together in the UN Security Council to … Continue reading

A Job Guarantee Program Or Higher Inflation

In spite of a steadily declining employment rate, policy in general has largely consisted of cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation for Wall Street, rather than dealing with the productive economy. Fearing what it might find if it actually examined the books of financial institutions … Continue reading

There Is An Alternative To Fiscal Austerity

I really fail to understand the excitement about the new Italian Prime Minister. Apparently, Matteo Renzi is keen to advance a “new agenda for growth” and wants to enhance the automatic stabilisers in the European-level (federal) budget. The article says that … Continue reading

Finally, Some Sense From Sinn

The man who railed against Target 2 and who became a leading advocate for Germany’s secession from the euro zone, has finally started to get behind a more promising approach: namely debt reduction.  Hans-Werner Sinn, head of the German-based IFO Institute, … Continue reading