China Nibbles At Italy, The Eurozone’s Soft Underbelly

China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund is manifesting a growing appetite for sensitive Italian assets. It was always a wonder to us why the Greeks never turned to China when the country was in the throes of its economic crisis, especially as it has … Continue reading

Trouble In Indonesia?

The Middle East, Ukraine and, indeed, Hong Kong, may have been capturing the media’s attention in terms of incipient political unrest. But there have been interesting political developments in Indonesia in recent days which, on the face of it, appear potentially ominous. … Continue reading

Does Parity Between The Euro And The Dollar Loom In Our Future?

Reuters says that predictions by some of the top currency banks including Goldman, Barclays and Morgan Stanley point to a retreat in the euro to parity or near-parity with the dollar. The expected weakness is based on the view that … Continue reading

If The UK’s Financial Services Industry Is In Retreat, That Is A Good Thing

According to the Bruges Group,  a UK-based think tank established with the aim of promoting the idea of a less centralised European structure than that emerging in Brussels, the UK’s financial services is under threat thanks to overwheening EU regulation.  The organisation claims that … Continue reading