Russia’s Latest Moves On Ukraine – A Blow To The Sanctions Strategy?

Clashes between government forces and Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine’s breakaway eastern regions intensified this weekend, as Kiev accused Moscow of supplying rebels with heavy weaponry and new fighters. Observers in Donetsk and other cities along the perimeter of rebel-held regions … Continue reading

Crude Wars: Saudis Implicitly Declare War On US Middle East Strategy

So much for the idea that the prevailing low prices will encourage the Saudis to cut back production and support prices.  They’ve just signalled additional price cuts to US customers.  Whilst this will undoubtedly hurt the Russians in terms of … Continue reading

GOP Congressional Victory – More Wall Street, More Financialisation

No recount will be needed to declare one unambiguous winner in Tuesday’s gubernatorial elections: the financial services industry. From Illinois to Massachusetts, voters effectively placed more than $100 billion worth of public pension investments under the control of executives-turned-politicians whose … Continue reading

Political Impediments To QE In The Eurozone

Just as the Fed ends its program, the BOJ announces a new bond buying program:  QE on steroids.  What about the Eurozone?  A sharp reduction in German official growth estimates, fully justied by increasingly sickly-looking confidence, industrial production, and exports … Continue reading